Good Goods In Store

You're Invited.

We're honored to have been selected to participate in Lightfoot Market, Brooklyn's New Sustainable Commerce Event. We hope to see you there!

Lightfoot Market aims to connect people and brands that care for the environment. They are committed to fostering a community that shares the values of environmentally, socially and financially responsible business. We can't wait to be part of that mission! Join us for a day of networking with likeminded people, learning from industry leaders, and exploring thoughtfully curated food and product vendors. (And yes, if you are one of our crowdfunding backers and have a shopping voucher for The Fillery, we will gladly accept it at Lightfoot Market!) Stay tuned to learn more about what The Fillery will bring to the table.


Welcome to our new website! 

We've been doing a lot of behind the scenes work, including development of our new website with our friends at Thought Matter. Thanks for visiting! (And do so often...we'll be adding additional pages and features as we move closer to opening the store.) 


Speaking of opening...

After a few months of shifting our focus from the space search to working on a few changes on the business side of things, we have resumed our efforts to find the right location for our brick and mortar shop. We're making progress and look forward to sharing updates with you!


Volunteer and intern opportunities

We need your help! We're looking for volunteers to help us get ready for Lightfoot Market and an intern to stay on board  a little longer term. Interested? Shoot an email over to with "volunteer" or "intern" in the subject line and we'll get back to you with more information.

The Latest

It's been quite awhile since we last updated everyone on our progress, so we thought we'd fill you in on what we've been working on behind the scenes. 

  • We're getting a makeover! We've been working with an amazing team at ThoughtMatter, a design firm based in Manhattan, to help us further develop our logo and identity. The initial phase of our work with them is nearly complete, and we can't wait to share our new logo!
  • After our initial Kickstarter campaign and following several recent articles, including one in The Huffington Post, we've received a number of requests for a follow up campaign. Once our new designs are complete, we'll be launching an "InDemand" campaign on Indiegogo. With this type of campaign, there are no deadlines and no funding goals. It's simply a way for the folks who missed out on round one to participate in our project, and for us to continue to raise capital funds while we work to find a location.
  • In recent weeks we've had lots of meetings with regional vendors. We simply can't wait to share with you the wonderful products they have to offer!
  • Our biggest hurdle continues to be finding a suitable space. We've put in offers on 3 separate locations, none of which worked out in the end. One was just too small, one was scooped up by another lucky business owner, and one required a significant amount of work, which may or may not have been possible because the building is landmarked. Sigh. We invested a good amount of time and energy into each of these spaces, trying to make them work, but they just weren't right for us. This means we've lost a lot of time, but it also means we've learned a lot about the process. We are pressing on! We've got an offer in on a 4th location and will keep you posted on how that transpires.
  •  We've been working with two amazing interns this summer. They've been working hard to help us revamp our website and social media pages, among other things. We'll let you know when our new website goes live!
  • We continue to receive press requests from all over the world, which is a great sign that our cause is growing. Our new webpage will have links to many of the exciting projects we are participating in, including a German documentary on global food waste!

More Great Press

We are so excited to have been written about in The Huffington Post this week and we have had loads of great feedback, comments and shares as a result! Jenny Che artfully distills some of our main motivations and goals while discussing the wider global zero waste movement. 

Shop owners have a simple philosophy: Pre-empt waste from bags and packages by simply not offering them.
— Jenny Che, The Huffington Post

Location, Location, Location

Finding the perfect place to locate the Fillery hasn’t been easy and we are still working on it! Sadly, the bad news (which will hopefully turn into good news) is that we lost the space we've been looking at and negotiating for many months. We know what you're thinking. This is bad news indeed. A major setback. What will happen?! Read on.

We are currently looking at a new space with a lot of potential. Great location? Yes. Enough space? Yes. Character? Yes. Dropped ceilings and wood paneling? Yes! Ugh. Yes. It will take some work, and we are far from calling it ours, but we are working hard to keep this one. Stay tuned! 

 Digital Rendering

Things Are Heating Up

And people are catching on, especially the press! We are thrilled to see the global issue of plastic pollution in the Oceans increasingly talked about in the news and on social media. And we are very happy to have had a lot of fantastic press coverage recently. We were featured in Gothamist! The Fillery's founder, Sarah, had a long chat with food editor Nell Casey about everything from hoarding plastic bags to global waste reduction to filling cookie jars. (They really published every word?!). We were also featured in Fast Coexist

Sadly, however, it seems that Aimee Lee Ball didn't read these articles before she wrapped up her NYT article on The Anti-Packaging Movement, which highlighted the booming package-free grocery trend in Europe with the question of "how long until Brooklyn catches on?"

Well, we have caught on and we are planning on making waves!! 


We Did It!

After reaching our initial funding goal on Kickstarter and in fact far surpassing it, we are excited to be able to realize some of our greatest dreams for The Fillery.  We are now in a position to be able to put together a pretty spiffy kitchen for our community learning space and in an effort to honor our mission to reduce waste, we've been scoping out local materials reuse centers, which will be our main source for building/construction supplies. This will also help our funding go further, and we'll be supporting like-minded local businesses to boot! More great news is that we now have enough for a commercial refrigerator, so we'll be set up to stock up on farm-fresh, glass bottled milk from Ronnybrook Farm on opening day alongside other things like delicious seasonal and farm fresh veggies!